Week in Photos


After a good friend of mine went on and on about Bar classes, I took the plunge and singed up for a 6 week unlimited membership at the Bar Method to test it out for myself. Since signing up last week, I have got to 6 classes and am borderline obsessed. Classes are tough, but they leave me feeling amazing after. I even bought myself a pair of grippy socks since I’m going to so many classes. IMG_2552

I love love love Blue Apron and am so happy I discovered it over a year ago (when I first moved to Boston). I will be doing a post on the service soon, but to quickly sum it up, every week you get sent 6 meals (3 different ones for 2 people) with all the ingredients perfectly measured out. All you need to do is prepare the meal which takes less than an hour- no shopping or planning required! Plus, just look at how amazing that meal looks!IMG_2550

As part of my research plan, as well as my own desire to learn more about how foods affect the skin, I bought this highly recommended book written by the founder of S.W. Basics. I’ve only read the introduction but I’m already really into it (and would be much further along if I didn’t have to give a work presentation this week). Eat Pretty is next on my list. IMG_2526I think if I had to choose, besides green mint chocolate chip ice cream, my absolute favorite dessert is macarons. I first had them in Paris in 2010 (no, I don’t remember the year I first had macarons, but I remember the year I first went to Paris) at the infamous Laduree, and more recently, my sister got them for my bridal shower. I was so excited when I saw a macaron food truck on the side of the road during an afternoon stroll this weekend. Of course, I had to buy a dozen in 6 different flavors.