Sunscreen Diaries: PCA Skin

PR sample. All opinions are my own.

During the summer, I am especially diligent with my sunscreen application. Therefore, this summer I will be reviewing numerous SPF products to help everyone find the right one for them. I have already reviewed Coola and Dermalogica, and today I will be reviewing a new one from PCA Skin.

 I prefer to wear bases with SPF already so that I can knock one step off my morning routine. I was thrilled when I received this PCA SKIN Sheer Tint SPF 45which is a water-resistant (up to 80 minutes in water or sweating), broad spectrum protection with a tinted finish. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, and contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for UV protection. This is a universal tint which will match most skin tones (but like all “universal” tints, it probably won’t work for you if you’re on either end of the spectrum), and can be used alone or under makeup, depending on how much coverage you prefer.

I took this with me on a girl’s trip to the desert (it was 115º!), where we spent the days lounging by the pool, and this was the only SPF product I used during the day. I LOVED it. This was perfect as an alternative to regular sunscreen while also evening out my skin- it provided a bit of coverage and also protected my skin from the strong sun. When I say a bit of coverage, I really do mean a bit. If you want something that’s going to cover all your flaws, then this isn’t for you, unless you plan on layering it under foundation.

Similar to the Dermalogica, the cost is a bit steep: $49 for 1.7oz ($28.8/oz), however, since this could be used as a lightweight foundation, it makes the cost a little more manageable. If a tinted SPF product isn’t right for you, PCA Skin has 6 sunscreen options with varying levels of coverage all approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation (which will only cost you $11.6/oz).

What other SPF products should I try?