ssh-oes review



A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Instagram account of Ssh-oes and was instantly intrigued. What are ssh-oes? Well they are “comfortable heels specifically engineered and designed to not make noise when you walk”. I hate when I wear heels and everyone in the whole office can hear me walking down the hall, with these that’s not an issue! Mary, the founder of Ssh-oes, was kind enough to send me a pair of the Ryder riding boot to test out, and I have to say they exceeded my expectations!

The ssh-oes have a non-slip, sound absorbing rubber outsole and a noise reducing heel lift so, they do not make noise when you walk. The heel lift also prevents against wear and tear and acts as a shock absorber to make the ssh-oes even more comfortable.

In addition to not making noise, they are incredibly comfortable! They are cushioned with memory foam and leather lining to make the shoe as blister free as possible. I have worn them multiple times now for the entire day and my feet were not tired or sore at all. And my job is not just sitting at a desk, I’m running around pretty much the whole day so my feet often get tired. Plus, they are super cute and comfortable- I want to expand my collection to include the Jamie ankle boots and the Eva Tassel wedge sandals!

What do you think of these quiet shoes? Is it something you would like to add to your wardrobe?

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  • Love the look of these boots!

    • they’re great! super comfortable too!