Sephora play! 

I was finally able to sign up for the Play! by Sephora Subscription box. I put myself on the wait list the minute it opened and I just now (months later) was able to sign up and my first box just came!! I love the idea of this box as Sephora has some amazing luxury brands and I always prefer to sample new products before I buy the full  size.

In the box was a booklet with information for every product- how to best use it, as well as how to use all the products together. There is also a card in the back thet gives you 50 extra points when you scan it after a purchase in store. I’m going to use mine this weekend!

  This month’s box included one full size item and 5 deluxe samples. The samples are all very generous and can easily be used for multiple days, if not weeks.

   I’ve already samples the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and it’s one of my favorites. It’s really gentle but also leaves my skin really clean and refreshed. It also has a really lovely scent. The Murad Invisible Perfecting Shield is an antiaging treatment, primer and SPF all in one. It’s SPF that also blurs imperfections to prepare skin for makeup -sounds awesome! Will definitely be utilizing this in Israel next month.
  I use a beauty blender every day and I can’t imagine not using it. I’m really curious to see how the Sephora Collection Airbrush Sponge stacks up. Hoping it works as well since it’s a much more affordable option ($12 vs $20). I think as long as you use it correctly- getting it damp before adding your foundation- it should work just as well as the beauty blender. Stay tuned for a comparison reviews!

  This is the second box this month that has sent me the Smashbox Primer Oil, and I still haven’t used it! By like I said before, I like oils and I like primers so I think I will like this product. The next product was the  Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper (black). I adore eyeliner pencils as they were the first liquid eyeliners I was able to use that allowed me to properly apply eyeliner. This small size is perfect because I can never finish them before they dry up.

 I’ve never heard of this brand Replica, but the Replica Beach Walk perfume claims to transport you back to an afternoon stroll by the ocean with notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk. There is nothing quite like an afternoon spent at the beach, so I’m intrigued!

All in all, I thought my first Sephora Play! box was great! Just the sponge made it monetarily worth it, but I am also excited about all the products. I can’t wait to see what else this subscription brings.

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  • I didn’t know that Sephora had a box! I may have to get on it!

  • I have been on the wait list for a very long time, I hope to get this box soon!

  • I personally quite like the Sephora brand foundation sponge – it’s a great texture and much cheaper than the Beauty Blender. I hope you’ll like it.
    Replica is a great brand of perfumes – my friend loves the scent Jazz Club which smells like tobacco, it’s a great unisex scent. I’ve not smelled Beach Walk but I imagine it’ll be just perfect for upcoming warmer months! 🙂

  • I signed up day one as well and finally, finally, I will be getting the May box!