Preparing for College

Hearing about all the students preparing for college takes me back to that day 11 (!!) years ago when my parents helped me moved into my freshman year dorm. In addition to the obvious questions “Will I get along with my roommate? Will I have enough time between classes to not be late? What will I major in?” (Yes, my roommate and I got along really well. No, I wasn’t late to any classes. I majored in Biochemistry.), I was thinking about all the pretty supplies I needed to have in order to start the new school year off on a good foot. Fast forward 6 years, and I’m doing the same thing (with pretty much the same questions!), when I’m starting my PhD program. For me, the start of the school year means splurging on pretty notebooks, pens and planners that will give you an extra edge, or at least a little motivation to study.

Even now, when I am working a full time job at a biotech company, I still find myself browsing for the perfect planner and organization tools. There’s just something about pretty stationary that makes me want to work!