Personalized Haircare- Function of Beauty Review

I first heard about Function of Beauty through a blogger on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to the personalized bottles-  who wouldn’t want a shampoo and conditioner named after them? But when I went to the website to read more about the brand I was even more intrigued by them.
Function of Beauty is hoping to change the beauty industry through personalization and technology. FoB was founded by three scientists- an engineer, a chemist and a computer scientist. Using algorithms and robotic machines, they are able to create millions of formulations to create the perfect formulation for you. The brand personalizes shampoo and conditioner to fit your hair needs because we all know everyone’s hair is different and has different needs.  To order you go to the website choose what type of hair you have; whether it’s curly, straight, or wavy, as well as if it’s thick or thin,  and then you choose five concerns you are interested in addressing. There’s a list of about 10 to 15 hair concerns and if you hover over each one it will tell you what it does as well as ingredients used to do that. I chose split endsvolumeanti-frizzshine and oil control. Next you type in your name so the bottle will say function of …your name, order and wait for your personalized bottles to come in the mail.



Since each formulation and bottle are made just for you, it does take longer than your average beauty order. Right now, the lead time is about 2 weeks for shipping. Once the package comes, you will find an information booklet created just for you, with a breakdown of your hair type as well as information on how to use your shampoo and conditioner (mine said to wash my hair every day. I am currently washing every other day so I’m curious to see how changing the frequency of my hair washing changes my hair).  After two uses, I definitely feel like my hair is less oily, and looks better the day in-between the washings whereas before it would begin to look a little greasy. I’m excited to see the long-term benefits of this set. Plus, it just looks so pretty sitting next to my bath tub 🙂
 What do you think of this intersection of science and beauty?
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