Party Ready


It’s that time of the year when we get invited to party after party. It’s only the first week of December, and we already have parties every weekend! I wanted to share with you what I do before a big night out.

First, since I’ll be wearing a dress that shows off my legs, I shave them! Prior to that though, I exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! The dry air leaves my skin a bit dry and flaky so I make sure to get them nice and smooth.

After that, I use a deep conditioner, such as the amika nourishing mask (, which leaves my hair so soft and with a pretty scent!

Next, I add a little color to my body. I’m a big fan of self tanners, but don’t have a particular favorite. The most recently used was a sample of tan towel self-tan towelettes ( I don’t know if it was the sample size, but I found the towelette too small to effectively use, leaving streaks. I much prefer lotions over towels.

Lastly, I use a body oil to moisturize my skin and it just leaves me feeling extra special. My favorite is caudalie divine oil ( because it has the most amazing scent and it leaves my skin so soft.

What do you do to prep the night before a party?