Number 4 Haircare Review

  Number 4 is yet another brand I learned about through Birchbox. Surprisingly, I had only ever sampled the Super Comb Prep & Protect leave in conditioner but I absolutely loved it. It is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down my hair and yet it still manages to leave my hair soft and tangle free. That combined with the pleasant scent makes this product a winner.

When I was sent some additional items from number 4, I was thrilled to get the chance to try out a few more products. Continue reading for my reviews on the Reconstructing Masque and Blow Dry Lotion.

I’ll start with the Reconstructing Masque as that’s the product I have fallen head over heels for! It has a same pleasant scent as all the other no4 products that doesn’t linger too long so it won’t clash with your other scents. I apply the masque to my hair after shampooing and remove it after about five few minutes. Instantly, my hair feels fuller, manageable and all around amazing. I can’t describe it, but I don’t think my hair has ever felt or looked so great from products at home. My hair house a bounce to it that I’ve never had and for the first time, I’m comfortable leaving it down. I have been using this mask 1-2 times a week for the past month and am still raving about the results to anyone who will listen.

The other product I tested was the Blow Dry Lotion. I don’t blow dry my hair often, I usually order to let it air dry, but in the colder months I blow dry it so I don’t go outside with wet hair. I read reviews on this product, and was concerned about the reviews stating it leaves hair feeling sticky. I didn’t have that problem, but I made sure not to use too much of the blow dry lotion. Using it allowed me to dry my hair and not be left with a frizzy mess, which is part of the reason I hate blow drying. My hair was sleek and smooth after use, but not overly sleek in that it didn’t look unnatural.

This two additional products definitely lived up to my expectations for this brand. I am so glad I got to try these two items and can’t wait to try more products in the future! It’s definitely a great brand that does wonders for your hair!

*These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.*