Notebook Essentials

IMG_1965I have always had a thing for notebooks- I bring them to work to jot down thoughts or do calculations, keep them in my purse for lists (grocery lists, to-do lists, presents lists- I’m a list maker), and of course I have a few at my desk or in my bedroom.

Recently that love of notebooks has become more of an obsession and I can’t stop buying them! I’ve also started reading tutorials on how to make your own so I can add even more to my collection. I will share with you a tutorial if it works out 🙂

Here is my current collection!

Kate Spade Quick Curious Playful Strong. I like to think I am all these things so I had to have this. I love the gold foil writing on the mint cover.

Gold Foil Confetti Mint Spiral. Again, gold on mint is a beautiful combination. This one is spiral bound but the pages are perforated so they can be easily removed without ruining the entire notebook.

Enjoy the Little Things. I found this at Home Goods but unfortunately can’t find it online anywhere.  This continues with the gold and mint color combination I seem to love so much. This one lays flat when open and has college ruled pages, both things I’m really happy about.

Be Bold. Another Home Goods find. I went there for the first time this past weekend and already can’t wait to go back! This notebook has a really soft, flexible cover.

Pendleton. This is a three pack of thin, beautiful, notebooks. These are perfect for throwing in my bag, and I love the different pendleton prints!

Where is your favorite place to buy notebooks?