Meet the Blogger: Alexia from Los Angeles Mamma Blog

This bi-monthly series, Meet the Blogger, is a way to learn about the blogger behind the blog. If you are interested in participating, get in touch with me through the contact page, and I will send you the information!


Today we will be chatting with the wonderful Alexia from Los Angeles Mamma Blog. Her blog covers everything from product reviews, blog tips and family lifestyle tips. In addition to being a mom of two and a blogger, she has recently launched a new beauty subscription box, Handpicked Beauty Box! I am excited to be receiving the December box as I’ve seen past reviews and this subscription looks great (you can buy it here)!  Don’t forget to check out her blog for a great read or to learn more about her box!

Where are you from?

I’m from New York; but I now live in Los Angeles.


Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

My blog is just a place where I share things I love. Interesting, amazing finds, whether these be beauty, fashion finds. An amazing eye cream I tried and love, that I feel my readers *must* know about. A great family friendly restaurant (I have a daughter and a son). Sometimes a little bit of gossip, I love the British royals! Great restaurants,!and activities, as well as goings on in the world and locally.


How did you first get into blogging?

When I had my first baby, my daughter, in 2009 I felt I wanted to reach out to other mothers and share my new found wisdom, things I was learning, all that. It’s been a while and the blog has involved to a lot more of a lifestyle blog now.

What do you wish you knew when starting your blog?

I wish I knew how powerful blogging could be. It was just an outlet for me, a place where I could share my thoughts and expess myself; I didn’t start the blog to make it a business. But looking back, that was going on and there were (are) bloggers who are making a living from blogging.


Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

I see the blog continuing to evolve and hopefully grow. I would love to “blow up”, and have people flock to the blog.


What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

My favorite aspect of blogging is reaching people and getting their reactions. Words truly are powerful and they touch others, sometimes you have no idea there are people out there who are going to feel as strongly as you about something you share, or so strongly hold an opposite feeling from you. It never ceases to amaze me.


If I gave you $100, what beauty items that you don’t own would you buy?

$100 – that sometimes wouldn’t get me very far because I love high end products; but right now I am so into Korres beauty products, I’m glad I checked out this brand. So, it would have to be a bunch of Korres beauty products. I love the wild rose serum and moisturizing cream. In fact, I love anything that contains rose essence, it’s so good for your skin!


What skin care or beauty steps do you religiously take time for?

I religiously make time to cleanse, tone, use serum, and moisturizer; don’t forget sunblock, it’s so important to protect your skin from the sun.


What five fantastic products do you use now, and why do you love them.

5 beauty products I adore, Korres wild rose serum, Korres wild rose moisturizing & brightening cream, l’Occitane imortelle divine eye cream, I love Sensai lipstick in “Koubai”, and By Terry Baume de rose (I have been a huge fan of this for 10 years now, I suffer from dry lips and this is everything for me. Lipsaver.). Tough to choose just 5 products, as I love beauty products and use so many different things!


What are two beauty blogs we should check out, and why do you love them?

I love Everything & Nothin’  I think her blog offers such a wealth of information. I also love Beauty Blog  (lots of reviews!).


What is your favorite post to date?

My favorite post of all time is this one because it’s about my dream. To start a monthly subscription box which will allow me to share some of my favorite beauty products!


Do you prefer getting dressed up or being casual?

I like to get dressed up! I love wearing fancy gowns, it’s such a princess sort of experience for me.


What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have so much free time, my daughter is 7 and my son is almost 2, being a mother is time consuming but so rewarding. Let’s see, when I have time to myself I like to spa – if I have the opportunity to go to a spa my choice is Burke Williams; and in actuality I spa at home, with my array of masks, scrubs, and very rarely these days relaxing baths.


What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy weekend morning?

Lazy weekend mornings (of course I rarely get those since both of my kids wake up before I do) breakfast in bed, and to cuddle up with a favorite book (I love Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic series).


Where can we find you?


  • Elisabeth Foust

    I LOVE this subscription box (Handpicked) so much!!! Like LOVE It!!! My December review will be up tomorrow on this box!! Alexia is the best!! Loved learning more about her and her blog! Thanks for this love!!


      I just received my December box and it is 👌! So incredibly happy I found Alexia and her wonderful subscription! Looking forward to reading your review in the box 😊

    • beautifulbeakers

      I love her box too! It is so wonderful!