Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Poweder Review


Before I discovered beauty subscriptions in 2012 (*Birchbox*), my makeup routine and collection was very minimal. I used a tinted moisturizer/foundation, bronzer, mascara and setting powder. I never, ever left the house without setting powder. My face tends to get oily so I use setting powder to help keep the oils at bay. I didn’t know ghost face from too much powder was even a thing, so I wasn’t even careful about the application. However, in general I don’t like having a lot of stuff on my face, so I don’t think I overdid it (at least in pictures, it looks fine). I’ve flirted with a few, but I always go back to the trusty Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder.

After applying my overall face color of choice (TM or foundation depending on the season/condition of my skin), I add some of the powder into the lid and swirl a fluffy kabuki brush in the powder. After tapping the brush on the lid to remove excess powder, I apply a thin dusting of the powder all over my face, with an extra focus on my under eye to help set the concealer. The powder is finely milled so you can’t tell its there. It gives skin an airbrushed look so minor imperfections are unnoticeable! Additionally it helps with oiliness in the t-zone but without drying out the skin. It really is the perfect product to finish off any makeup look.

Reviewers have mentioned this doesn’t work well on darker complexions…I have light/medium complexion and it doesn’t show up on my skin, even when I’m tan in the summer months. Unless you apply very heavy-handed, I don’t think it would show up on darker complexions. The one downside is the packing is not conducive for traveling. I’ve taken it on trips before and if it’s not closed well, it can definitely make a mess. Maybe I just need to invest in the travel size 🙂