Koh Gen Do Spa Water Review


* PR sample from Koh Gen Do. All opinions are my own. *

As you are well aware by now, I’m often really lazy at night and don’t bother washing my face. I know it’s a terrible habit, and I am trying to be better, which is why I was so happy to come home to a lovely package from Koh Gen Do a few weeks back and couldn’t wait to break into the goodies!

Koh Gen Do is a brand that is best known for its Cleansing Spa Water, which was one of the first micellar waters I ever heard about, and has remained their bestseller for years. I have since learned in addition to the Spa Water Koh Gen Do makes cleansing wipes saturated with the water, masks, serums and soaps, as well as a whole range of makeup products including foundations and powders. I was fortunate to receive the Cleansing Spa Water as well as the Cleansing Spa Water Cloths– two products that give me no excuse not to remove makeup before bed.

The Cleansing Spa Water is a micellar water suitable for all skin types. It gently removes makeup and impurities without drying out the skin, leaving skin clean. To use, you simply saturate a cotton ball in the water and wipe all traces of makeup off. To remove waterproof makeup, I found just holding the cotton ball to my eyes for a few seconds does the trick- no need to scrub and irritate the skin. The best part about this, is it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry, so I don’t have an immediate need for extra skincare products.

The other product I received was the Cleansing Spa Water Cloths, which are cotton wipes pre-moistened with Spa Water. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the cotton. I’ve used lots of wipes (remember, I’m lazy), and I find that they always start to tear if I’m not careful. These wipes, however, are very thick so they don’t rip or deform while using. Of course, these are soaked in the Spa Water, so they work in the same way as the water. I do find that they’re not as good at removing my waterproof makeup, so I need to put in a little more effort for that. Like the water, they leave my skin feeling clean but not dry.

Altogether, I was really pleased with these products. I can see why they have been Ko Gen Do’s best sellers for so long. I am especially happy with their small sizes since it will make them perfect for traveling. They do come in larger sizes which is a much better value.

  • I’ve been curious about the Koh Gen Do Spa Water – glad to hear it worked well for you. And the wipes are so handy for travel or the gym bag!

    • beautifulbeakers

      I was really pleased with the water, but not the price of it! An the wipes are always so handy 🙂