Jouer Summer Le Matchbox Review




Time to review my second Jouer LeMatchbox. For those of you that don’t know, in the spring, the cosmetics company Jouer launched the first box of this kind. When you sign up, you fill out a survey that helps to determine your undertones (warm vs cool), and every season you are sent 3-4 full size products that suit your tones. This is the first sub I’ve seen that actually tailors the colors in the box to your tones and so far, I’m really loving it! You can read my review on the first box here.

This time, for the warmer months, we received great summer products. The first product I received was their award winning Powder Bronzer in Suntan (RV $30). I have had this bronzer on my wishlist for ages, but for some reason never pulled the trigger. I’ve even put this on my wishlist for different makeup swaps, and still never got it. It’s funny that after all this time, I finally got it in a sub box! Due to the quiz I took when I signed up, this color will be perfect for my complexion so I’m happy I got it this way instead of guessing.

Next, I received the Lip Sheer in the color Lanai (RV $24). I already own and love this in the shade sheer rose. I love it because its moisturizing and provides a sheer wash of color. Lanai is a coral color that will add the perfect splash of color to any summer outfit!

Next I received a Cream Eyeshadow in the color Cashmere (RV $22). I love cream eyeshadows because they are effortless to apply and blend easily. I also find in this heat, most makeup melts away but cream products seem to last longer. I actually have this color already in a duo I got on Black Friday, and it’s one of my most used colors. I am so happy to have the full size! It’s a very light, shimmery color that adds a wash of color or can be used as a base for a more detailed look.

The last full size product was the Effortless Mascara in Brun (RV $24). I’m an absolute mascara junky (the only makeup I can’t leave home without), so I was thrilled to see this. I also only own and use black mascara, so it’s nice to have brown which isn’t quite as intense.

Finally, as an extra, we were sent a deluxe sample of the Cream Cheek and Lip Tint in Petal. I am always all about easy makeup, and even more so once the weather warms up. I like cheek tints for the bit of color, but they fade/melt away evenly so I’m never left looking silly.

In terms of monetary value, this box cost $45  since I signed up for reoccurring (it’s $65 for a one time box), and not including the extra, the value of this box was $100. That’s over 50% off! In every sense, you get your money’s worth with this box! Monetary value aside, I think this box was the perfect assortment of products for every part of your face, and great ones for the summer. Between this one and the last one, I know have all the necessary Jouer products to do my entire makeup using only their products and I couldn’t be more excited to do that!