Jouer Cyber Monday Haul

Last week I said I only made one Cyber Monday purchase. Well I forgot I made a large Jouer order! The deal was if you spend $75 you get a Buff Dome bag with full-size products, for a total value of $125. I really like Jouer products- they make your skin look better but still very natural looking.

To reach my minimum, I bought 4 items that I totally need (shown on the right).

 Lip Enhancer :  This is a moisturizing lip balm that makes lips look fuller while also reducing fine lines.

Lip Enhancer, Cosmo : This is a tinted version of the lip enhancer. Cosmo is a sheer pink that will add just a hint of color while delivering moisture.

Lip Sheer Stain, Sheer Rosy Stain : Any lip product that provides SPF, moisture and color is a win in my book. Plus this product reacts to your pH levels to give customized colors for each person. I also love this product because I’m a science nerd and I like seeing  beauty products with a scientific spin.

Le Petit Brush Set : My last product was this cute little brush set. It’s a new product so there aren’t many reviews, but the individual brushes have good reviews. I liked this set because it came in it’s own bag (that sorta matches the Buff Dome bag), the brushes are small so perfect for travel and they’re super soft. I’m planning on clearing out my brush collection so I needed replacements.

Now for the fun stuff. In my free gift with purchase from Jouer, I received (shown on the left):

Moisturizing lip gloss in Riviera ($20). I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss (my hair always gets stuck to my lips!), but I do enjoy using red ones to add some not-too-bright color. This will be perfect for this holiday season.

Eye Clarifier ($14) I actually bought this last year and was pretty disappointed. I was hoping to use it on my waterline to make me look more awake. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to get any color without pushing too hard and thus hurting myself.

Brow Definer ($20) I almost added this to my cart to get to the minimum, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I was thrilled to see this in my surprise bag!

Whisper Tint & Feather Highlighter Duo (no longer available alone, but comes in this set): This is a cream cheek tint and highlighter. The colors might be too light for my skin but since they’re cream I can layer and blend. I’ve never used a cream highlighter so I’m excited to give this a try.

Creme & Espresso Eyeshadow Duo (long longer available alone, but comes in this set): This is a perfect duo for me. I usually just do a light color all over my lid and a dark one along my lash line and into crease to add definition. Plus it’s small so it’s super easy to travel with.

It all came packaged in the Buff Dome Bag ($35), which is a pretty soft peach pebbled leather (faux probably) bag. It’s larger than I thought it would be so it will definitely fit a lot!

The advertised value of this gift was $125. Assuming the duos were each $20 (based on the value of the kits these come in) we are right at that price point! I think the bag is such a pretty color, and I will be switching to it immediately! I currently use two brightly colored bags for travel- one for makeup and one for toiletries, so I am happy to have a matching pair now.