International Beauty Swap

photoAs a beauty enthusiast, I love reading reviews on products. I also love reading reviews on beauty products not available in the US, but after reading enough of them, I had to get my hands on some of those products. So, I participated in an international beauty swap! We each sent each other lists of what we wanted, and set a budget. We had wiggle room in the budget to buy some things not on our wishlists. Here is what I received:

sleek eyeshadow palette, au naturel : These colors are so beautiful and soft and blendable. This is my daily go-to palette as the colors blend so well and the colors make it easy to switch things up while remaining natural. Since getting this, I have added about 4 other sleek palettes to my wishlist…

bourjois delice de poudre bronzing powder: I read about this everywhere, both about it’s great color as well as it’s delicious chocolate scent, so this was the first thing on my list! It’s beautiful, but I haven’t used it yet.

bourjois blush, rose amber: This was also at the top of my list so I’m thrilled to finally own one! This one came in a lovely rose color and while I haven’t used it yet, I know I will love it.

mua blush, lolly: I received this in baby-doll pink color. I love using this color when my face needs a bit of a pick me up as I feel it brightens my face. I know these are very inexpensive, so I’m very impressed with the product formulation.

NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse: This was my first experience with NUXE and I fell in love with the brand. This is a serum to smooth wrinkles, moisturize and even skin tone. It’s quite pricey, so I have been stingy with the small bottle I received. However, I find when I use it my skin looks less dull/more glowy and my lines are less obvious.

soap & glory lip smooch: This was a very nice lip balm with a too sweet scent- my friend imagined it’s what Barbie’s makeup would smell like. Anyway, I used it regularly until it either ran out or I lost it…

soap & glory hand food: This product has lots of great reviews, and I did enjoy it. Again, I think their products are too scented for me so this didn’t become a HG product. But I used it all and I loved its moisturizing ability.

MUA sheer finish lipgloss, happy days: I prefer lip balms and lip crayons over lip glosses, but I liked this one. It was sheer so it provided nice shine over lip crayons.

Boots Botanics purifying face scrub all bright: I love exfoliators so I quickly used this up.

I was very happy with this package! I loved that I got some items I requested, but also received some items from brands I’ve never heard of. If anyone is interested in international swapping, let me know!