Glossier Haul


Not too long ago Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss started her own beauty line called Glossier (pronounced glossy-ay). Ever since then, her simplistic pink and white bottles have been popping up all over instagram and bloglovin’. Being the beauty lover that I am, I was intrigued and desperately wanted to try the line. However, I’m trying to be better and less impulsive when it comes to shopping. So I waited. And waited. Now, almost a year after it launched, I finally have the products in my hands.

As a side project to my thesis work, I spend a lot of time studying the beauty industry.  For that, I’ve had to do research which involves buying and testing various products, and reading, reading, reading about all the ingredients found in cosmetics. Therefore, in the name of research, I allowed myself to make my first Glossier purchase.

I decided not to get the Phase I set because I wasn’t super interested in a facial mist and I have too many balms. Instead, I ordered the Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint in medium and the Moisturizing Moon Mask. I placed my order Wednesday and waited patiently for my package to arrive. I got home late last night and there it was! I was so excited!!

Let’s first talk about the packaging. The products come in what looks like a regular brown box. BUT, inside it’s a light pink color with a great motto: “Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile Always.” I love that so much. The whole idea behind this product line is to perfect your skin so that it doesn’t need to be covered up with  makeup, being real and not being covered up. That’s a philosophy I whole-heartedly stand by. I never wear makeup to cover up, but instead use it as a way to enhance my natural beauty. I want my real skin and self to show through, so I really feel like this brand was made for me.

Now onto the goodies! Each of the three items came in it’s own pink bubble wrap bag (not sure what to call it…but it’s like bubble wrap made into a bag!) with a zip top. Not only are the bags cute (hello-pink!), but they are totally functional! Additionally, I received two strips of stickers containing the Glossier logo, as well as  fun hearts, stars and eyes. I’m excited to decorate my new products and my planner!

I literally opened the box last night and then promptly fells asleep, but this morning, I woke up early to try the mask before heading into work. Upon adding it to my face, I immediately experienced a cooling, soothing sensation. The mask felt lightweight, but very moisturizing at the same time. That, combined with the amazing scent (I thought floral, but looking at the ingredient list it could have been the almond oil…I’m not very good at discerning scents), made the 20 minutes with the mask so relaxing. After rinsing it off, my skin felt very smooth, hydrated and even looked more plump.

I am very pleased with my brief introduction to the Glossier brand. The mask is absolutely amazing- I can already see results after 1 use- so I can see myself using this frequently. I can’t wait to try the other products I bought, and to see what else Emily and her team come out with. I wonder if they’re hiring, I would love to be part of their research team 🙂