GapFit Favorites

Remember when I mentioned here that I love buying workout clothes? Well, that obsession has continued. But, I’ve also been working out so I feel like the purchases are warranted 🙂

One of my favorite places to buy workout gear is from GapFit. The clothes fit amazingly well, the material is great and Gap has sales all the time so they’re really affordable. Plus, a lot of the pieces is modeled after Lululemon pieces, so they’re really cute too.


gFast leggings. I love the running leggings from Gap. They’re super comfy and flattering. My favorite pair is an older style, but these new ones look similar so I’m sure I will love them just as  much.

Motion heathered racerback tank. Racerback tanks are my go-to workout tops. I love the fit of these- they’re loose while also accentuating your curves. They’re made of a very lightweight material that dries quickly.

gFast zip-pocket 21″ cropped capris. Now that the weather is finally warming up, I don’t have to wear full length pants anymore- yay! I prefer to buy pants or crops over shorts because they have more versatility, I don’t wear shorts while doing yoga but I will wear pants/crops running. These ones also have side pockets in addition to the one on the back, so you can carry more than just your keys on your workout.

Breathe long-sleeve tee. I always wear layers because while you may start out cold, once you get moving your body will quickly warm up so it’s nice to have the option to remove layers. These shirts are made from the same material as the tanks and have a similar fit. They dry quickly and have thumbholes if it’s extra chilly out and you want to keep your hand warm (at least that’s what I think they’re for- can anyone confirm or deny that?).

Train jacket. Again with the layering. But also these jackets are perfect for throwing on over your sweaty tanks before heading to dinner. Yes, I am one of these people who will go to dinner or a bar right after a workout without showering first. Even if you’re not into working out, these jackets are comfy and cute enough for every day wear.

What’s you favorite workout wear?