First Impressions: White Sands Haircare

PR samples. All opinions are my own.

You may not be able to tell from looking at my hair, but I actually spend a lot of time on it. I use at least 3 products straight out of the shower for detangling, styling and frizz control. When White Sands reached offered to send me some of their best selling hair products, I jumped at the opportunity since I am always looking for the holy grail hair product that is going to change my life…or at least my hair!

Porosity the Fix This is appropriately referred to as makeup for hair- Porosity acts as foundation and concealer to  fill in blemishes found in each strand, and thus creating the illusion of flawless hair. When I was in high school, I was obsessed with having pin-straight shiny hair and would straighten my already straight hair every single morning and then add oils to hide the dryness that would inevitably occur from the heat damage. I hardly every use hot tools anymore, but I still have a slight obsession with using products to make my hair look more shiny and healthier. This is just the product you need for that, it makes hair insanely soft and also imparts a great shine.

CURE 24/7 This leave-in reconstructive treatment can be used any time of day on dry or wet hair to repair damaged hair. I think it’s always great to have a reconstructive treatment on hand for times when you’re hair is lackluster and needs a little TLC. Even so, I am really bad at actually carving out the time to do treatments, but I am looking forward to trying this one since my hair is in dire need of a good treatment.

ER Fusion Since I don’t use heat tool on my hair very often, I am lucky to have very healthy hair- every time I get my hair cut, they always comment on how healthy my hair is. Therefore, a intensive reconstructive hair treatment like this one most likely won’t have huge effects on my hair. However, I think it’s important to occasionally do a treatment and this one is heat activated and the results last for 30 days. I’m really intrigued and will definitely be trying it out and getting back to you!



  • Momo

    Have you ever tried getting a hair gloss treatment. You can get a clear one. It really made my hair shiny and was wash and go ready all the time.


      I haven’t but I have thought about it. Is that similar to a Brazilian blowout? Do you recommend it? How long does it last? Haha, so many questions!

    • beautifulbeakers

      I have not, but I have considered it. Is that like a Brazilian blowout, or are those completely different things? Do you recommend trying it?

      • Momo

        I totally recommend it. It’s semi permanent and washes out over time. It’s sort of like a clear coat of nail polish for your hair. I have gotten a few. But you can talk to your hair stylist about it