Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad Review

I first sampled the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Glow Pad about a year ago, and then a few months later I saw 3 treatments as a 100-point perk at Sephora, and I immediately went and picked them. I really liked it but couldn’t bring myself to buy the full size since it’s so pricey (30 treatments for $85). After months of saving up, I was finally able to buy them using a 15% off coupon from Birchbox along with 500 ($50) points, so I was able to get the pack for only $30!


Since receiving them, I have used about 15 treatments, at a rate of one a week. I was instantly reminded of why I loved it so much. Yes, this stings initially but this is a peel, so you kind of expect that. After using though, wow, my skin has never looked so smooth and bright! My husband has even commented how great my skin looks after use.


Even though the directions recommend using every day, I haven’t done that just because I don’t want to use them all up! However, I am curious to see how they work if I use them multiple days in a row to see how long term use affects my skin. I hope it helps with my acne scarring as that is one thing these pads are supposed to help with.


Have you tried these pads yet? Do you think any other product compares?



  • I’ve tried them and it did nothing to my skin. I don’t know why… Everyone has raved about this but not special for me at all. Kinda good, since its so pricey!

    • beautifulbeakers

      Yes, it’s actually a good thing you don’t like them! I’m almost out and I’m trying to figure out how to convince my husband they’re a necessity….