I’m really into crafting/creating things. I’m not good at it, in fact, I could supply a lot of good content for Pinterest Fails. However, I love it so much. I find it relaxing and it’s my favorite thing to do to unwind from a long day at work. Work has been crazy lately, so I’ve been on Pinterest a lot and trying all kinds of new projects. Below are just a few of the pins I’ve attempted or will attempt in the near future. If some work out, I’ll even share the final product with you!

I made the envelope liners for my wedding invitations, but this tutorial would have been so useful! I love the glitter liner
I love marble, and this tray looks absolutley stunning with gold hardware. I made this, and will soon be using it to display my perfume collection.

I love boxes as a way to help keep things organized, and I am obsessed with the Kate Spade inspired ones!

What DIYs have you recently tried, or are planning on trying soon?