DIY Rubber Stamp

 I have been bitten by a major craft bug and have been making something new a few times a week. This week, after seeing some beautiful gold foil stetionany, I was inspired to create my own stationary. I love getting notes in the mail and really want to start sending more notes. Anyone looking for a penpal? 🙂

Last year when I got married, I made my own wedding invitations. I bought silver border cards and printed the invitations and RSVP cards on them. Of course, I bought way more than I needed so I have tons of extra cards (at least 50 of each size!). They have been sitting in my craft cabinet since just waiting to be used. How I didn’t think of this before is beyond me. These notes are perfect for anytime you want to say hello!

To make these, I could buy the stamp or make my own, so I opted to make my own! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at stamp making ever since I got the stamp kit from Darby Smart. I first printed out the word  and then wrote over the letters using pencil. Then I placed the paper on the rubber and rubbed the paper lightly to transfer the lead to the rubber. The letters didn’t transfer perfectly, so I had to use the pencil directly on the stamp to make sure it was all readable. Then it was time for the carving!

Initially I used a razor blade along the edges to make sure the lines were straight and crisp. Then I used the carving tool to carve out the rest of the rubber around the letters. I occasionally stamped the word in order to see which places needed more carving. And that’s it! As you can see, it’s not perfectly straight so I need to cut it down a bit to make it easier to stamp, but besides that I’m really happy with it.

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