Cuyana Picks

I feel like now, at 28, I’ve finally found a style that works for me and I have a uniform that I wear. As a result, I’m trying to clean out my closet of things that don’t fit my body and style, and add new pieces that are made from quality materials and timeless styles. Accordingly, Cuyana is a brand that fits my new style. Their philosophy is “Fewer, Better Pieces” and they hope to achieve that by creating quality pieces that can be used for years to come.

Cuyana sells beautiful leather pieces as well as staple tops, sweaters and dresses. I love the colors of their collection, from the soft pastels to the navy and greys. As an added bonus, the beautiful leather pieces can be monogrammed! I’m definitely going to by a bag, but I can’t decided if my first purchase should be a large zipper bag for travel, or small cosmetic bags!

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What are your thoughts of this brand? Do you own any pieces from them?