Current Favorite Birchbox Finds 

I subscribed to Birchbox on and off (mostly on) for about 5 years. During that time I had my fair share of dud products and products I was meh about. But I also discovered some amazing products that have become holy grail and I keep buying over and over again. See some of my favorite Birchboxes here, here and here, as well as some other favorite discoveries.  During the time I subbed, I was way more into makeup than I was skincare, so I never gave the skincare products much thought, therefore, my faves are mostly makeup.

When I first received the Stila One Step Bronze I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a good fit for me. I was afraid it would be too shimmery for all over use, but the shimmer is not obvious at all. Instead it brightens up my entire complexion and evens out my skin tone. Depending on how tan I am, I either use it alone or mixed in with my foundation.

The Marcelle BB cream was a hit immediately. It is lightweight which is what I look for in foundation, but it provides enough coverage that it covers spots and evens out my complexion. The light-reflecting particles give my skin that lit-from-within and dewey look. It is the perfect lightweight foundation for the summer.

This one is cheating a little bit since it wasn’t sent in one of my boxes, but I discovered Jouer from Birchbox and fell in love with all of their products. My favorite thing from the brand was the Hydrating Lipstick in the color Meredith which is a great nude for me. The lipsticks are moisturizing and the color long-lasting.

Benefit is known for their mascaras,  but I had never tried any before I received They’re Real in my Birchbox. I really like this mascara because it does an amazing job at separating and curling my lashes without making them clumpy. I can’t stand when mascara is clumpy, and this is one of the only ones I’ve found that does what I want while remaining clump-free. People often complain that this mascara is too hard to remove, but I use either a cleansing balm or oil and haven’t found it to be exceptionally hard to remove.

Lastly, I am really happy to have discovered dry shampoos from Birchbox. I actually received quite a few different ones from them, but my favorite has to be the Klorane Dry Shampoo. It doesn’t give my hair that white cast (which is hard since I have dark hair), and it absorbs the oil at my roots and makes my hair look freshly washed.

What are you favorite products you’ve discovered from Birchbox, or any other beauty sub?