brand spotlight: stila

Writing the post the other day about my favorite blushes got me thinking about my favorite brands. I like to think of myself as an equal opportunist- I own products from a variety of brands from both drugstore and luxury. However, there are definitly a few brands of which I own more than a few products. For some of these brands, it’s because I get them for a good deal (I buy a lot of stuff when Urban Decay has their blowout sales, or Rimmel is 50% off at Ulta), or I have a subscription box from them (Le Metier de Beaute). Other brands, I just buy their products because I really like them! Stila is an example of the latter. Going through  my collection made me realize I just really like their products and I own a wide variety of products from them.


(clockwise starting from the top)

one step bronze. I don’t know how to is as a primer because I don’t use it for that. I mix this with my foundation in the warmer months when I have a bit of a tan. The combination gives my skin a beautiful glow. As you can see, this gets a lot of love from me!

one step correct. I bought this because it has three colors that swirl together and each color corrects something. I have redness so I love that the green helps with that, while the peach color transforms dull skin. I love the way this makes my complexion look, a great base for any foundation.

smudgestick. I have this in a dark brown and black color and have only used the brown (I have so many eyeliners!). I like the brown because it’s an everyday color I can use without making my eye makeup too intense.

not so nude palette. I already told you how versatile this palette is (here). It has a great combination of eyeshadows as well as a convertible cheek and lip color, and highlighter. This is the perfect palette to throw in your gym bag or overnight bag as it has everything you need!

stay all day beauty balm. I don’t use this as all over balm and instead just use it more as a highlighter, adding it almost exclusively to my cheekbones. It has great reviews as an all over balm, so I’ll try it like that and let you know my thoughts!

convertible color. I already talked about this blush here, so I won’t go into it again. In short, this is a great and easy color to wear. Try it, you won’t regret it.

in the light palette. This might be my favorite eyeshadow palette. This was the only eyeshadow palette that I brought on a 3 week trip to Europe and it more than sufficed. All of the colors are stunning and go well together so the combinations are endless. Additionally, they can be worn wet or dry which makes for even more combinations. If you can only try one item from stila, make it this one.

What are your thoughts on the stila brands? Any products I need to try?

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  • Alice Percival

    I really want to try stila! this post has definitely helped narrow down my choices a bit!

    • You won’t regret trying stila!

  • Someone gifted me blue pen eyeliner from stila which i didn’t like at all. Since then I was lost , didn’t know what to get. Now you mad emy life easier.

    • You can’t go wrong with any of these products, but I love the blush and eyeshadow palette the most!

  • lifestylesofemily

    I only own the one step correct from Stila and I love it so much! I need to try some of these other products.

    • I love their shadows so much- definitely worth checking out!