Brand Spotlight: Coola Suncare

PR samples. All opinions are my own.

Coola is a brand I discovered from Birchbox in 2013. I was instantly drawn to the company because using SPF products more consistently was something I was trying to be better about. Additionally, Coola is a San Diego based company that is paving the way in the suncare industry. By producing products in small batches, they are able to reformulate frequently and take advantage of advances in sun science. Therefore, over the years, I have managed to sample a variety of their products so I wanted to highlight some of their best and most popular products.

Face & Body SPF In recent years, I have strayed away from traditional cream sunscreen and instead prefer the ease of sprays and sticks. Coola makes their Sunscreen Spray in multiple scents and formulations so there’s a type for everyone. I currently have the Sunscreen Spray Sport in Guava Mango. The sport version has a higher SPF than the other ones (SPF50 vs SPF30), and I believe the sport version is more sweat resistant (but don’t quote me on that!). The Mineral Sport Sunscreen Stick is a great product for those on the go as it’s much less messy than cream sunscreens but still offers great sun protection. This is a product I keep in my bag for days when I unexpectedly end up in the sun and want some extra protection.

Makeup  My favorite products from Coola are the makeup products with SPF. The Mineral Sunscreen Matte Tint contains SPF 30 and protects and perfects your complexion using two skin-safe mineral sunblocks- titanium and zinc dioxide. This moisturizing base ensures a smooth, even application, and the subtle beige tint evens out skin tone and masks flaws. I have been using it as primer prior to applying foundation, and the matte finish is perfect for keeping oils at bay. Once the weather warms up and I start spending time at the beach or pool, I will use this product by itself without a foundation over it. The Daydream Mineral Primer with SPF 30 provides the perfect silky smooth base for use under any foundation, or even by itself if you already have flawless skin. I love that this is a one-step product to even skin tone while also providing SPF, so I don’t have any excuse not to use sunscreen. The Rosilliance BB+ Cream with SPF 30 provides sheer, buildable coverage while leaving skin velvety smooth.

Skincare TheClear Recovery Foam Wash is a new product to me but I find it really intriguing. This is a foaming face wash that will reduce inflammation caused by sun, and is great for sensitive skin. I personally really like foaming cleansers so I’m really happy with it.

Lip I now own three of the Liplux Lip Balms and I love them so much. They really remind me of the Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments which I’ve used religiously for the past 5 years. The reason I like this product so much is that it is a tinted lip balm that comes in multiple colors, that also provides SPF 30! I am terrible at using SPF on my lips, so I usually get some burning around the outside of my lips. However, with this product, I just use it in place of, or under, a lipstick and my lips are protected. Lipluxes are very moisturizing with a high SPF, which makes these perfect to throw in your purse or beach bag.

What are your favorite products from Coola?