Birthday Shopping!


My mother in law took me shopping for my birthday last week and we had a great time popping into every store we passed. As we were coming to an end, I spotted a Joie store. Joie is a pretty new brand me- I own a pair of sandals from then that I wore to my wedding but that’s all I know of them. I’ve heard  they make great silk tops, so we decided to make that store our last stop.

We went in and were offered birthday champagne! Ok, it wasn’t really for my birthday. Apparently the store had just opened ( I thought I hadn’t  seen that store before) so in honor of their grand opening they were offering champagne for all customers. I’ve never had champagne while shopping and it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

I ended up loving so many of the pieces, from dresses, to silk shirts, to sweaters and even their booties and sandals! I can see this brand quickly becoming my go-to for nicer pieces that are easy to wear (I’m currently lusting over these booties and this dress!) My mother in law was sweet enough to buy me two of the Marcher short sleeve tops, in navy and white, and  the black Ravis dress! The tops are great because they are v-neck which I think is more flattering on my body, and slightly baggy. The bottom has an elastic band which prevents the shirt from looking sloppy which I appreciate- I love the look of oversized tops but don’t know how to style it without looking a little messy. The dress is a very soft cotton with a tight bottom and loose top. It will look equally great thrown on over a bathing suit or dressed up with heels. I’m planning on wearing the silk tops to a conference this week, and I think I will live in the dress this summer- it’s amazingly comfortable!