Birthday Shopping with Ann Taylor

My birthday was yesterday , so in honor of that and up upcoming graduation (only 2 weeks until I have a PhD), my mom and I went shopping last week.

In particular, I  was in search of shoes to wear for graduation. My graduation ceremony is on a Friday and then I’m having friends and family over for a party in Saturday. I want a pair of shoes that I can wear for both events that are super super comfortable as I’ll be standing and walking a lot.  I found two super cute ones from Ann Taylor and I just can’t decide which ones to get! I will be wearing a white dress in Friday and a coral one on Saturday. The tan shoes have a lower heel, but the black ones are a wedge which automatically makes them comfortable.

While I was in Ann Taylor, I also checked out the jackets and skirts since they tend to fit me well and I’m in need of some new pieces. These two caught my eye, and may come home to me in as few weeks. The tweed jacket is super cute and lightweight and will be a great transition piece and also perfect for most California “seasons”. It works with the outfit I have on, blue jeans and a white tee, but I also think it would be amazing with white jeans.The skirt is cute and is long enough to be work appropriate. Plus the color is so perfect for spring and summer. (Ignore my shoes sitting by my feet 😊)

What do you think about these items? Which shoes should be my graduation shoes?

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  • Congratulations on the PhD! What’s next for you?

    • Working at a pharma company 🙂