Favorite Amazon Beauty Buys

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I thought I would share with you my absolute favorite products available on Amazon! I love shopping on Amazon because, as a Prime member, I get free delivery and sometimes it’s even same day.

Prior to purchasing this eyeliner, I only used pencils. I was afraid liquid eyeliners would be too messy or look too harsh. Because it comes as a pen, this one is a breeze to use and I’ve even turned my sisters onto it as well.

This was the first liquid lipstick I used and I fell in love instantly. It is a gorgeous soft rose color, and it isn’t too drying. I’ve also learned that Arielle from Something Navy is often wearing this in her Instagram Stories.

Since I have oily skin, I always use a powder on top of my foundation, and this powder fits the bill. I like that it contains colors that when blend together color correct.

I remember seeing all the hype over this mascara and not believing it, how could a mascara be that good? Well, I used it and I was hooked. So much so that every other mascara I try is a huge disappointment (I finished a tube a few weeks ago and decided to try some others from my stash…all 4 that I used promptly went into the trash and out came this one again)! It does everything I look for- separates lashes, doesn’t clump and holds a curl. I am open to suggestions if you know something as good.

I’ve been a big fan of these drugstore lipsticks for a few years now, and actually own them in a few colors. They’re super moisturizing and at less than $4, they won’t break the bank.  I prefer the nude colors, but they have a wide variety of colors so there’s something for everyone.

I have raved and raved about this tinted moisturizer since the beginning of this blog. I love it because it is moisturizing (it is a tinted moisturizer after all), has SPF, and does a great job at covering imperfections and evening out the skintone. It comes in both a matte and luminizing finish, but I prefer the matte because I am a bit oily.

I was late to the party with primer. I didn’t realize it was something that I absolutely should incorporate into my routine, until I had my makeup done at a Benefit store. They used this primer, and I left that day with it in my purse and I haven’t looked back. It’s wonderful and I’m glad to have finally discovered it.

This is probably my favorite cream eyeshadow. It is a  light, shimmery color that adds a wash of color that can also be used as a base for a more detailed look. I use it frequently for my no-makeup days and love that it adds enough to make my eyes pop without being overdone.

I really like exfoliating, and it’s hard for me not to over do it. Therefore, having a gentle scrub like this one is so important to me. This one has fine scrubbing particles so I use this 2-3 times per week without fear of irritating my skin.

I received this hair oil in my Birchbox years ago, but I immediately bought the full size of it. It works so well for my hair– it tames frizz, doesn’t weight my hair down, and doesn’t make my hair get oily faster. I’ve actually just finished my second bottle and am debating getting a third, or trying something new. Do you have any recommendations?

I saw so many UK-based bueaty bloggers talking about this micellar water, so of course I had to have it. I’m thrilled I can now buy it on Amazon instead of finding a friend in the UK to send it to me. This is the perfect thing to wash your face with if you’ve had a long day and don’t have the energy to properly cleanse. I also use it when I’m out of makeup remover to help get my eye makeup off without irritating my eyes.

This subtle highlighter blends well, gives a wonderful glow to the skin, and is not glittery. It is a such a pretty champagne color, that can also be used as an eyeshadow.

I always keep these lip balms in my purse and at work. They’re very moisturizing, have SPF and come in a wide range of colors/flavors. My favorite are the untinted and rose, but I also have the honey.

I have a pretty through review of this eyeshadow palette, which you can find here. It contains a variety of neural shadows in mix of shimmer and matte finishes, which means there are endless look possibilities. This is the type of palette that you can take on a trip and not need any other shadows.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit just how many of these blush I own…I think it’s about 7. But tarte makes such gorgeous blushes that have amazing staying power and so many colors to choose from. I tend to buy their limited edition sets, which come in the trial size instead of the full size.

What are you favorite things to buy on Amazon? Am I missing any of your faves? Tell me in the comments!