ABM 2015 Planner

picstitchA Beautiful Mess is one of the first blogs I started following. I loved the easy tutorial and the overall feel and aesthetic of the blog. At the beginning of the month, I saw they had designed a planner for sale in their shop, so naturally I immediately bought it. Well it arrived yesterday and I am in love!

I chose the peach cover with gold polka dots. It seemed like a nice compromise between the bright and colorful stripped one, and the ore simple black and white one. I’m also into metallics so I had to get the gold polka dots. The book is very sturdy with a hard cover which I love.

Now that you know what the outside looks like, lets discuss what’s inside! Each month starts with a quote, which is such a nice touch. I haven’t read them all yet- I want to be surprised each month. In the monthly calendar pages, there’s also a place for “notes” and ” to do”. I really like this because I always scribble down additional notes/comments which won’t always fit in the given calendar space. Speaking of notes, at the end of each month, there’s some lined paper for extra notes.

In addition to the monthly calendar page, there are pages for each week. These are very simple with just the date listed, so there’s plenty of space to write out appointments, meetings, goals and to do list. I’m a huge fan of to do lists (or rather, checking off items), so it’s great there’s enough space for this.

At the end of the planner, there are pages for dates to remember, month view and goals for the seasons. The goals page is a new thing for me (in a planner, at least) so I’m excited to write out my goals and hopefully see them get accomplished. To help with extra notes, there are some more lined pages at the end. For extra organization, these planner came with two pages of stickers; one page of arrows for important dates and events, and other other with symbols of everyday activities (plane, coffee, alarm etc.) I think it’s fun to have stickers for extra personalization so this will definitely get used. Lastly, there’s a pocket to hold odds and ends. I often write lists on whatever sheet of paper I can find, so it’s great that this planner has a designated place to store it.

Unfortunately, the planner has sold out, but you can read their description of it here, and keep an eye out for it next year. I will definitely be purchasing it next year!