5 Things I am Doing This Winter

I’ve never been one for new years resolutions because I know I won’t stick to them. I get in little kicks were I work out constantly and eats tons of greens, but then I also go through periods where I don’t work out for months and eat my weight in sweets (I’m in that phase right now). So instead of making resolutions I won’t follow, I am just going to list the 5 things I will be doing to winter to help my skin.

1. Drink more water. This is an obvious one. Water is the best thing you should drink, and chances are you’re not drinking enough of it. I actually drink a lot of tea throughout the day at work, but I know it’s still not enough. I will use my fitbit tracker to actually track how much water I am drinking to make sure I drink enough. I will also carry my bkr around so I am never without water.


2. Exfoliate. I love the way my face feels after exfoliation, so it’s surprising I don’t do it that often. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to reduce dullness and uncover a brighter complexion, leaving my skin so smooth and soft. I will try to exfoliate twice a week, any more than that and it might have adverse effects.


3. Moisturize. This applies to body, hands and face. The winter wreaks havoc on my skin and the number 1 thing I can do to help is moisturize. I make sure to use a super hydrating night cream, a thick body cream after showering and I always have hand cream in my purse.


4. Use sunscreen. An easy way to age yourself is exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. I try to wear foundations with SPF, but I’m very bad about using sunscreen on days that I don’t use foundation. Even if I don’t think I’lll be in the sun for long, I will make a point of using facial sunscreen every single day.


5. Remove makeup before bed. I’m guilty of going to sleep without washing my face on more occasions than I wish to admit. On days when I go fresh-faced to work, it’s not too bad. However, when I have a full face of makeup and don’t wash my face, that’s the problem and what I need to stop doing. I actually really enjoying using different cleansers and cleansing oils, so hopefully that will inpire me to wash up before bed more often!



  • I’m so terrible about taking my makeup off before bed… it’s definitely one of my worst habits! I need to get a good routine going to help me get better with this!

    • beautifulbeakers

      I have gotten better, but I’m still not perfect! Even though it’s not the best, I will often use a makeup removing wipe or wipe Micellar water all over my face, I figure that’s better than nothing!