Guest Blogger: My Daily Morning Skin Routine by Jessica

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Today’s post is brought to you by Jessica from alittlebitofjessicamae, a wonderful beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Jessica writes mostly about beauty but also has some delicious looking recipes!  I especially love her reviews of beauty subscriptions as she has great swatches and very honest reviews of each product.  After reading this great post on skincare, check out her page and give her a follow!

My Daily Morning Skin Routine

Hello! My name is Jessica and I run This is my first ever guest post so I’m really excited to be here! For my post I am going to write about my daily morning skin routine.


I think is is super important to look after your skin and make sure your face is clean and pores are cleansed before you even think about applying makeup. If you skip this step, your pores are going to get all yucky and clogged up which will result in breakouts and an uneven skin tone, which together results in patchy makeup, and no one wants that! I have tried numerous products to find what works best for me, and after months of trial and error, here is my tried and tested morning skincare routine!

Step 1: Cleanse


So the first thing I do every single morning is wash my face with this BioElements Flash Foam Cleanser. I really love foam cleansers as they are so quick and easy to use. This one is also exfoliating but it’s so gentle on the skin you can’t even notice! I always feel really refreshed after washing my fash using this cleanser and would recommend it to anyone looking for a deep but quick cleanse.

Step 2: Remove


This isn’t an essential step, but I always like to include it. Micellar water is my favourite way to remove makeup and I have never gone back to makeup wipes since I first used it. At the moment I’m using this Madara Micellar Water, but the Garnier Micellar Water is also a favourite of mine. After I’ve cleansed, I like to smooth over my face with a drop of this just to make sure my pores are completely clean before I start my makeup routine.

Step 3: Tone


I absolutely swear by this toner and I would feel completely lost without it in my routine. This is the Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic, and it is the best toner I have ever used. This gives my skin a really subtle glow all day long and my face always tingles when I’ve applied this, because it’s so hydrating. I actually have an oily complexion, but this toner doesn’t produce any excess oil at all; it just gives you a gorgeous, healthy looking glow!

Step 4: Eyes


Looking after your eyes is definitely a very important part of your skin routine. I’ve always been really cautious with eye creams as it is such a delicate area, but I’ve recently found one that works for me. This is the Anew Eyecream from Avon, and is really gentle on the skin. The cream is for your under eye as its a really gentle, non-fragranced moisturiser, and the gel is for your eyelids and above/below your brow bone, to help facial contours. I also find that the gel works really well as an eyeshadow primer, too!

Step 5: Moisturise


This moisturiser is a God send for all you fellow oily skinned girls. The Lush Enzymion moisturiser has a mattifying effect, so helps to keep all your oils under control. I’ve found that my makeup applies much more matte and lasts a lot longer since I started using this as a base! I would highly recommend this cream to any girls who struggle with oil control, as its such an easy solution!

Step 6: Prime


At the minute I’m using Benefit PoreFessional, but I have recently found a dupe called Porefection from W7 Cosmetics that is a fraction of the price for anyone who has a lower budget range. Priming is the last stage of my skincare routine before starting my makeup. This is the final touch to even out my skin tone and minimise my pores, creating a light airbrushed look once my makeup is applied.

So, that is my morning skincare routine! It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to go through each step, and although this seems like a lot of product to use on your face before you even start on your makeup, using a small amount of each can make a big difference to your overall skin condition as well as how your makeup looks.

Thank you very much for reading my post! If you enjoyed it then please do give me a follow so that I can follow you back and take a look at your blog, too! I’d also like to say a massive thank you to Stef for featuring me as a guest blogger, I’ve really enjoyed it!

Hopefully I’ll see you very soon over at alittlebitofjessicamae!


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  • I like to use micellar water to remove any residue after my cleansing too – I find my skin is much clearer since I’ve added that step.
    Everyone raves about that pixi toner – I must get my grubby hands on it!
    I’ve not heard anyone mention Avon Anew skincare – I’ve been tempted to try them since they’re always on sale – I love the idea of an eye gel that goes onto the lid area. I’m going to order this from Avon next time! Great guest post! 🙂