Winter Nails


I paint my nails every week, and I definitely have a theme in the winter- the darker the better! My husband hates it, and wishes I would do more colors, but I just love the look of super dark nails. He also thinks all of the colors are black, but you will see in the swatches below that they are are all very different colors! If I have something more formal to go, I will skip the dark nails and instead go on the completely opposite end of the spectrum- sheer pink.

L-R: essie, After School Blazer; OPI, Suzi Says Da!; Zoya, Cynthia; OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark;  essie, Mademoiselle

L-R: After School Blazer; Suzi Says Da!; Cynthia; Lincoln Park After Dark;  Mademoiselle

After School Blazer: The perfect navy blue that looks great on all skin tones

Suzi Says Da!: Deep burgundy/brown with enough color to never look black

Cynthia: Described as a “blackened peacock teal” which I find to be a pretty accurate description, although it looks more green than teal.

Lincoln Park After Dark: A dark blackberry color- almost black but with hints of purple

Mademoiselle: This is almost sheer with a tint of pink- I’ve heard others describe it as “my nails but better” which is spot on!

What are your go-to nail colors in the winter?