Travel Essentials: For the Plane


I will be flying cross country this weekend for the holidays, so I wanted to share my travel essentials with you. Besides the obvious; large purse, computer, phone,  here are 4 items I never travel without.

Large Scarf: My blanket scarf is from an adorable boutique called Milly & Grace on Nantucket Island. My scarf is no longer on the website, but I love this one too. I love large scarfs because they double as blankets on the cold planes. If I don’t need a blanket, I roll it up and use it as a pillow.

Fuzzy Socks: My toes get cold easily so I make sure to have these extra fuzzy, soft socks for the plane. They’re long enough that I can tuck my jeans or leggings into them so my ankles don’t get cold either.

Hand lotion and lip blam : My hands and lips get so dry so I need both hand lotion and lip balm to prevent cracking and bleeding. These products are also great on cuticles if I’m having problems there too.

What are your travel essentials?