Tata Harper The Multi Masking Collection Review 

tata harper mask collection

I came home from a long day at work to find Tata Harper sent me the most perfect holiday gift for every beauty lover in your life- their brand new The Multi-Masking Collection for review.
My experience with Tata Harper is very limited; I’ve tried the Regenerating Cleanser which I received in a Sephora Favorite’s skincare set, and the Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint. I have heard amazing things about their skincare line, so I was thrilled to be able to try out their best selling masks.

Resurfacing Mask

This is a beta-hydroxy mask that works like a traditional peel to remove dead skin and debris to minimize the appearance of pores to leave skin smooth and glowing. This mask works as a gentle peel, exfoliator and brightener all in one! Applied to the face, it feels drying and very tight, but after just one use, my skin was definitely smoother and radiant. I have even read Tata Harper uses this as a night treatment, so I will try that and see if it has even greater effects that way!


tata harper purifying mask

Purifying Mask

I was most excited to test out this mask as my skin has been very congested and this is supposed to do wonders at clearing skin. It has a very strong ginger scent, so definitely smell it before purchasing if you’re sensitive to scents. This mud mask is almost mousse like, with a nice cooling effect on the skin that tells me it’s working! After using it for 30 minutes, my skin was clearer and felt less oily. I think with multiple uses, this will help clear my skin and prevent future breakouts.


tata harper honey mask

Honey Blossom Mask

The limited edition Honey Blossom Mask is version of the Resurfacing Mask that is specially formulated with Vermont-harvested raw honey which provides an extra boost of hydration leaving skin refreshed with an instant glow. This works wonders to leave my skin glowing!


Additionally, all three can be used together by following Tata’s 3 step multi-masking routine:
Step 1: For instant glow, apply the Resurfacing Mask over the entire face.
Step 2: For a thorough cleansing treatment, layer the Purifying Mask on your t-zone.
Step 3: For an extra boost of hydration, apply the Honey Blossom Mask on the neck and chest. Leave all three masks on for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

I haven’t tried mutli-masking with these yet (wanted to try them individually first in order to more accurately review them), but I plan on following this routine on my next at-home spa day!


Have you tried any Tata Harper products? Which ones are your favorites?