Sunscreen Diaries: Dermalogica

PR sample. All opinions are my own.

I have made it a habit to leave lab more frequently for lunch, which means I am spending more time in the sun and therefore absolutely have to wear sunscreen daily. I am lucky not to have many wrinkles besides a few laugh lines, and I plan to do anything I can to keep it like that for as long as possible. Over the course of the summer, I will be testing out different sunscreens and reviewing them for you.


Currently, I have been using the Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF30. This is a lightweight, ultra-sheer sunscreen that contains ingredients to help absorb facial oils to prevent shine, providing a matte finish. For optimal use, it is applied evenly and liberally to face 30 minutes before sun exposure, and reapplied regularly after swimming and exercise. It can be worn alone, or after your normal moisturizer.

I have been using this the week or so, and think it’s really nice. It is really lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. Even though it looks like every other sunscreen- thick, white cream- it blends out really well and doesn’t leave a white cast on my medium-tan skin (even when I accidentally dispense and apply too much!) I also found that it did a pretty decent job at controlling oil, at least for the first half of the day. My skin is pretty oily, so I didn’t expect this to minimize oil all day. I love that this has a high SPF (30), since most facial sunscreens tend to be lower (15-20).  I’ve read quite a few reviews of people using this under or mixed with foundation, which I haven’t tried yet, but I’m happy to read it should work well for days when I feel like adding some coverage.


I would say the biggest con of this product is the price- $52 for 1.7oz ($30.6/oz). My go-to sunscreen for years has been the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock which is $11 for 3oz ($3.7/oz), so this one is significantly more expensive. However, I found with use of the Neutrogena, I would get little breakouts, so the price of this may be worth it if it doesn’t cause breakouts (which I haven’t noticed yet).


Stay tuned for the next Sunscreen Diary, featuring a new one from PCA Skin.

  • Sarah Rzewski

    I LOVE this SPF! I live all things Dermalogica, though. Great brand, great products. ❤️

    • beautifulbeakers

      I totally agree, it’s a brand I’ve only recently been introduced to and I LOVE it!

  • Channdani Jain

    Great review 👍I do have a super oily skin and the other sunscreen I use makes my skin oily even though it says oil free . But this product is looking good …might as well give it a try

    • beautifulbeakers

      Definitely give it a try if you have oily skin. And let me know if you find another one you love!