Spa Day with LaBelle Day Spa



 To celebrate graduation, I had a spa day at LaBelle day spa. I had been there before for a facial, but this was my first time doing multiple services. The environment is so relaxing, so next time I may sign up for the full-day experience which includes 3 services.

The day started with a 15-minute foot soak with a warm neck pillow. This was a very nice, relaxing way to start the day. From here, I went in for a 75-minute hot stone massage. This masseuse was amazing and before even starting she detailed the entire massage so I knew exactly what was going to happen. I really appreciated that because I’m super curious and always want to know what’s going on! The hot stones were placed along my back and also run along my muscles which really helped to melt the stress away. I hate being cold, and the stones ensured I was always warm! The massage left me feeling so relaxed- she found knots and sore places I didn’t even know existed.

After this, I had a 15-minute break during which I drank water back in the waiting room. This break was followed by my 60-minute facial. The esthetician said she could take one look at my skin and know exactly what I needed. I don’t know if that’s true, my skin looked ok right after it but only time will tell if it heals well- she did some extractions using a needle which I wasn’t expecting and definitely would not have chosen. I have graduation in a few days, and the last thing I want is scarring! However, she assured me I would be spot-free by graduation. I was excited to have different masks and serums used on my skin since I really liked the products used on my last facial. However, this time I feel like all she did was cleanse, toner and moisturize. I really wish I had gotten better treatments (more masks at least), as the facial was not cheap. Additionally, the room and her hands were very cold so I could not relax and enjoy myself at all. Really unfortunate.

At the end of the services, I left happy but not over the  moon. My massage was the best I’ve ever had, however, the facial left much to be desired, and since it was the second service, left me with a not-so-great feeling. I would definitely return to this spa again as I enjoy the general ambience, however, I would request a different esthetician.

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