Review: Stila In The Light Palette

Stila is one of those brands I use to hear a lot about, but for some reason never actually owned anything from them. Then, a few years ago I joined an online makeup forum and that was kind of my demise… the people on the forum always knew the best deals and sales, so I was finally able to afford all the products I used to think were too pricey! One day, Stila was having a site-wide 50% off sale, so I jumped at the chance to finally get my hands on the In The Light Palette. This palette was at the top of my wish list and I was not disappointed once I finally got my hands on it.

As you know by now, I am a huge fan of neutral palettes. I love wearing eyeshadow, but I prefer browns and golds and keeping it pretty natural looking. This palette contains 10 beautiful shadows in a whole range of neutral colors. All of the colors go together so nicely and there are infinite numbers of looks that can be created with just this palette.

In addition to the 10 stunning eyeshadows, the set also comes with a full-sized Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel which is a dark brown color and a how-to booklet that explains step-by-step instructions on how to achieve 6 different looks. I am not very good at eyeshadow looks, so this book was my go-to for the first few months- I even took it on vacation with me to make sure I got the most out of the palette!

The shimmery shades- Kitten, Sunset, Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, and Night Sky- are extremely pigmented! You have to be very gentle when dipping your brush in the shadows as they are very soft and can easily crumble, or your can pick up way more color than you want! All of the shimmery colors apply well and blend great, with little to no fall out. These shades also last pretty much all day with very little fading.

The matte shades -Bare, Bliss, Sandstone, and Ebony- on the other hand, are not as pigmented. They tend to be a little chalky and also don’t last as long. The nice thing about them is that they are buildable, so you can add as little, or as much, color as you want. You can also use these shades wet to make the color more intense.

I am still very happy that I purchased this palette as the shades are all very wearable and I now love the brands Stila. If you have a chance to try this palette, or the newer eyeshadow palettes, I would definitely recommend it!


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