Popsugar Class FitSugar


Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a FitSugar by Popsugar fitness class led by celebrity trainer Adam Rosante, presented by C9 byChampion at Target. Popsugar is a website I go to for beauty tips, healthy recipes and anything in between. I was less familiar with the fitness aspect but they have all kinds of workout videos and tips for healthy living. This workout class was to promote their new feature: Fit Finder. FitFinder is a workout generator- you answer a few questions about your fitness level, body parts to target and amount of time available and a workout will be generated that fits your questionnaire. You can also have the workout emailed to you so you can print it out or save to your phone. I’ve had a few workouts generated for me and they are so great! This is a really awesome new feature that I’m going to get a lot of use out of.

Back to the event! I signed up after seeing an ad on Facebook, and honestly, I had no clue what to expect- I didn’t even know what kind of workout it would be. Once The event was on the 9th floor roof deck of a building in downtown Boston with spectacular views of the surrounding area. There was a DJ playing awesome pump up music the entire time, and white couches all over for lounging before and after the workout. The workout itself was a high intensity workout in which we didn’t get a break once we started moving (well, we had a few 30-second breathers). The workout was tough, I was definitely struggling for parts of it, but Adam kept everyone motivated and cheering each other on. That definitely made the experience more fun!

After we were done working out (I don’t know if the workout was 30 minutes or an hour…it felt like forever and I had no sense of time), they brought out the food! We had fresh squeezed fruit juices from CocoBeet, sandwiches, salads, fruit kebabs and homemade granola bars. It was topped off with sorbet cookie sandwiches which were delicious.

We were each given goodie bags which included a yoga mat bag, to hold the yoga mats we worked out on, a bkr bottle with a bright pink Popsugar sleeve, and capri workout pants fro C9 by Champions for Target! (The water bottle and pants can be seen in the last photo).

Even if we hadn’t been given so many goodies, I would 100% recommend this event if it’s ever in your city! The workout was phenomenal- both challenging and fun. I would note that the entire thing was filmed for a promotional video, so if working out on camera isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this.

  • Lucky you to be part of such event. Looked like you had an awesome time