Number 4 Smoothing Balm Review

PR sample from Number 4. All opinions are my own.

You may have noticed I’ve been posting more haircare posts lately. That’s because my hair has changed for the worse and become very frizzy, and it’s longer then it has been since 2011. I recently got a haircut to help with the second issue; instead of being halfway down my back, my hair is just past my shoulders (I need to keep it long enough to put in a ponytail for workouts). The first problem, frizziness, has proven to be much hard to work through. I’ve been trying out different shampoo/conditioner sets, but I’ve found thing that has worked the best for me is Number 4’s Smoothing Balm.

The Smoothing Balm is Number 4’s newest product, which is made with complex ingredients that are simplified for a lightweight liquid that won’t weigh hair down or make it feel greasy. It absorbs quickly leaving hair feeling soft and more manageable. It is really important to me that any hair serums or balms I use be lightweight and non-greasy. My hair gets greasy very easily, so I don’t like to use any products that will accelerate that process. The Smoothing Balm doesn’t weigh my hair down and leaves it feeling softer than it has in recent months, and it’s noticeably smoother and frizz-free.

I’ve been able to try out a few other hair products from Number 4, and I think they are all great. For starters, they have the most amazing scent, one that is not overpowering but lingers a bit. But the best thing about the products is how potent they are- you don’t need a lot of product to get the desired effect. The Smoothing Balm is no different than the other Number 4 products I have tried, and I can see this be a life saver for my ever-changing hair.