My Perfume Collection

I love perfume. Something about using it just makes me feel more feminine and put together, even if I’m not. I recently convinced my husband to buy me a new bookshelf because I had run out of space for my beauty stash. On the second shelf, I decided to display my perfume collection as well as a tray (not shown, but it’s this one from J. Crew in black & white stripes) and the ceramic jar from the Vanity Affair box.

My perfume collection is a great mix of floral scents. I don’t like anything too over powering so these are all light but amazing smelling. I don’t have a favorite and there’s no rhyme or reason to which one I wear when- I don’t change based on the season, I choose based on my mood and/or event. As for purchasing, I spend a lot of time reading reviews and I always get samples first to make sure the perfume works with my body chemistry. The worst thing is to love a scent and then realize it’s terrible on you! I also like pretty bottles, so I have been known to buy something just because it’s pretty and would like nice on my shelf.

YSL Parisienne: I bought this just after finishing college when I decided I needed a real perfume ( I had been using body sprays and random samples until this) because I was out of college and a grown up now. I used it consistently for quite a long time as you can see by how much is left.

Burberry Brit Sheer: This was actually a graduation present from my  mom’s friend. The bottle must have changed because online it’s a clear glass bottle with the pink Burberry plaid, but my pink plaid is on a frosted glass bottle. I didn’t love it when I first received it but it’s been getting more love lately.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: I bought this in a set with the body lotion, but the body lotion was way too shimmery for my taste. I love the scent of this and keep going back to it.

Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede: This was my wedding scent so it holds a special place in my heart. I haven’t used it since the wedding, but I will.

Acqua dell’ Elba Eau de Parfum Donna Classica: When we got engaged, we were on a 2-week cruise of the  Mediterranean. One day, we went to the island of Elba and were just wandering the cobblestone streets and checking out the local artisans for souvenirs. After buying numerous home goods for ourselves and family, we happened upon a beautiful turquoise store with the most amazing scents. Turns out this store produces perfumes, soaps and diffusors that can only be bought on this island. Of course, I decided to buy a perfume as a souvenir of our amazing engagement trip.

Fragonard Marche aux Fleurs:  I actually received this is a product swap box. I choose this fragrance because while it’s a floral scent, it also has a clean scent to it which reminded me of my mom as those are the scents she loves. I was feeling nostalgic the day I chose this because I’m living on the other side of the US from my family so I love anything that reminds me of them.

What are you favorite scents and how to you organize them?