Le Metier de Beaute July 2015 Unboxing

As I posted here, I have decided not to renew my Le Metier de Beaute VIP subscription for a third year. A lot of thought and debate went into that decision, but ultimately I was paying premium prices for items I just wasn’t using. Instead, I have decided to put that money to good use and  try out the Jouer Le Matchbox. Without further ado, I present   my final LMdB box.IMG_2628IMG_2630IMG_2631

I’m all about fuss-free when it comes to my lips so I want one product for moisture and color, and I need easy.  Therefore, I have developed a deep love for lip crayons as they add a hint of color but also provide moisture and can be applied sans mirror. I was beyond thrilled to see the LMdB box this month included two lip crayons in super wearable colors: pink peony and grapefruit. (In the above swatches, the pink color is pink peony while the red color is grapefruit).

I’ve only used the grapefruit so far, but I’m really happy with it. The color was a pretty bright red that faded evenly over my lips without leaving a dreaded ring of color around the edge. Plus, as I mentioned above, it’s moisturizing so I didn’t need to worry about m y lips getting chapped.

I actually really liked this product and want to link it so you can buy it if you want, so I tried looked for this product on their website or the sites that normally sell them (Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, etc.) and can’t find it anywhere. This is another thing that irked me about this box and ultimately convinced me to cancel- the products they sell aren’t available ANYWHERE. And when they are, it’s the leftovers from 2-3 years ago.

This month was a really great month for me and it almost made me sad that I cancelled. Then the above happened and I was reminded on why I cancelled.

What do you think of this month? Did you sign up for this service?