Le Metier de Beaute April 2015 Unboxing

My April Le Metier de Beaute is here! My favorite thing about this subscription is how early in the month it comes. I’m very inpatient so I can’t stand waiting until the middle or end of the month for my boxes! Plus, since I’ve moved to the east coast, it coma super quickly!


As always, the products come in a sturdy little box. They used to use all boxes of the same size which is great because they make great little gift boxes- I used some for groomsmen gifts for my wedding! Now, the boxes are tailored to fit the products which is less wasteful, but I’ll probably get use out of them.


I was surprised to find two nail polishes and an eyeshadow! Usually when they send more than one product, they go together- such as both being for eyes or lips. This is a bit random…


The nail polish colors are “Hottie Choco-Latte” which is described as a creamy chocolate brown. This one looks much less brown than the “Cocoa Cabana” I got in a previous box and looks more taupe to me. The other color I got was “Cloisin-Navy” which is a stunning dark navy color. As I posted here, I love my dark colors and navy has been at the top of my list. Yes, I wear dark colors even in the summer! I’m happy with both these polishes as they’re actually colors I will wear, but they’re from 2012 and 2013 so I feel like this service is unloading leftovers on us which is a bit irritating. However, I saw on instagram someone posted that they got a dark green and bright yellow polish, so I’m happy with my colors.

IMG_2150Laslty, I got a bright shimmery blue eyeshadow. I rarely wear colors on my eyes, and when I do, it’s a dark purple or blue that can almost pass for black. I definitely don’t wear such bright colors, so this is going up for trade.

Overall, I’m happy with this box because the nail polish will be used. As far as the subscription goes, I’ve been a little disappointed. I was hoping we would get to sample more of their skincare and I feel like we just keep getting the same thing over and over again ( I think I have 4 eye kaleidoscopes now!). This is my second year on the sub and I don’t think I will resub when the time comes in July.