June 2015 Birchbox Review


After Birchbox posted last month that all subscribers would receive a card with a promo code in their boxes, I quickly signed up for a code using my email. My code was to get a box for $5. Getting $5 back for reviewing the products made this a no-brainer so I promptly signed up!


The first product I received was the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water. I have tried a few bb creams from Dr. Jart+ and really liked them, so I was happy to see another product from their line. I’ve also recently discovered micellar waters and am really loving how easy it is to get ready for beds on lazy nights- I’ve replaced facial wipes with micellar water. I’m excited to add this to my nightly routine.

Next was a Tocca Perfume in Bianca. Bianca has citrus and rose notes which are two notes I love separately, but haven’t had together. This also has notes of musk which help it from being sickeningly sweet.  I think this perfume is a perfect, light summer scent.


Next up was a TempleSpa shampoo and conditioner duo. My hair care routine is to use whatever is lying around, so this will definitely be used. I will probably add these to my travel bag to use on my next vacation as I always feel my hair feels less clean and more tangled when I use hotel shampoos and conditioners.


The last sample I received was the Marcelle eyeliner in blue. I’m an eyeliner fiend, but i usually stick with black or brown. However, I sometimes get adventurous and waterline using a dark blue or purple. This blue is brighter than I usually wear but it might be fun for summer.

Finally, I received a bonus product of a headband in a gorgeous robins egg blue which is my favorite color. The headband has scalloped edges which adds to its delicate and feminine look. I usually only wear headbands for workouts or washing my face (darn those pesky bangs!), but this one is too pretty for either of those occasions. I may use it for work in place of bobby pins when my hair is too crazy to wear normally.

As you can see, I received 6 reviewable products which means the box paid for itself! I’m really happy with the products so I’m glad I resubbed this month. However, after reviewing the products I cancelled again as I just don’t need more product (nor do I have space for it!). I will definitely sign up again when a good promo code comes along.

  • Awesome products! I just bought a bright sapphire colored liner (different brand) to try out for summer. Definitely a new experience for me! haha! Let me know how you like your’s 😉

    • I’ll let you know how I do straying from my norm!