January 2016 Empties


I can’t believe we’re already in February of 2016. Last month flew by, and I know the rest of the year will too with graduations, babies, weddings, new jobs and travel. I can’t wait to see what else this year brings! I’m moving across the country in a few months, and really need to whittle down my collection to make the move easier. I made an extra effort to use up more products, and I’m so pleased with the all the products I used up!

TAN TOWEL HALF BODY TOWELS: I always keep some of these on hand for special occasions when I want to impart a bit of a glow to my legs. I find that these don’t leave my skin orange and just look very natural.

KOH GEN DO SOFT GOMMAGE GEL: This gel exfoliates skin to leave it with a healthy glow. I thought this was an ok product, but I still prefer the Vasanti Brighten Up for all my exfoliating needs.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY WONDER GLOW: This was my first time using a CT product and I fell in love with the brand. I loved the way my skin looked with this product and I will probably be purchasing this. Read my full review about it here.

BENEFIT COSMETICS TOTAL MOISTURE FACIAL CREAM: I loved everything about this moisturizer- from the lightweight texture, to the the scent, to how moisturized it left my skin. I would definitely purchase this if I didn’t have 10+ moisturizers already.

VICHY LIFTACTIV: I was excited to try this brand because it has very good reviews, however, I was underwhelmed with this. I didn’t like the way it felt on my face so I ended up just using it as a body moisturizer.

LE METIER DE BEAUTE PEAU VIERGE PRESSED POWDER: Believe it or not, this was the first pressed powder I had ever used. I liked it better than a loose powder for travel, but other than that I still prefer a loose powder.


DAVINES LOVE CONDITIONER: I got this along with the shampoo in a Birchbox a few months ago and was very happy with it! My hair tends to get frizzy and this actually did a good job at smoothing.

N.4 HIGH PERFORMANCE HAIR CARE: I use a detangler in my hair every time I wash it and this one is one of my favorites. It leaves my hair tangle free and also smooths it.

PERLIER WHITE ALMOND BODY CREAM: This was a pretty thick cream which made it hard to rub into my skin- I never felt like it was completely absorbed.

CAUDALIE DIVINE OIL: I love this oil. It smells *divine* and makes my skin feel so soft!

DR. JART+ WATER REPLENISHMENT COTTON SHEET MASK: This is a great moisturizing sheet mask that actually left my skin hydrated and plump.

NERD SKINCARE HYDRATING MASK: This mask comes with mesh layers around the mask to protect it and make it easier to unfold. I really appreciated that as I’ve ripped masks in the past. And luckily, the mesh didn’t soak up the hydrating product, so there was an excess of product. I usually don’t have problems with sheet masks, but this one was much too wide and therefore really difficult to use.

BIOREPUBLIC ALOE RESCUE FACE MASK: Another face mask I really enjoyed using. This is another hydrating one that really did what it claimed to do- leave my skin moisturized and refreshed.

MARCELLE CLAY MASK: I’ve decided clay  masks don’t work for my skin and instead leave my skin broken out. This one was so exception, so after one use I had to toss it.

DR. BRANDT PORES NO MORE VACUUM CLEANER: I liked using this on my nose to help with my blackheads and pores. I’ve struggled to find a good product for that, and this definitely helped.

What products did you use up last month?