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I was sent three products from InstaNatural to review. InstaNatural is a new brand to me, but the reviews on Amazon are great so I was really excited to try these products. The brand uses all natural and organic ingredients so you won’t find parabens and sulfates. Plus, without having a fancy name brand on the labels, these products are very affordable!  The products I received were the Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum,Youth Express Eye Gel and Advanced Repair Scar Gel.


Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum

I was most excited about this serum. In addition to being great for anti-aging and wrinkles, this product promises to help minimize pore size as well as even skin tone. I don’t really have wrinkles, but I have large pores on my nose and who doesn’t want a more even complexion?

I will start by saying this has a very strong orange scent. I really like it but my husband does not. This serum is also very very thick. I’m used to using oils, and this is definitely not an oil. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it was much thicker than I expected. However, it does apply easily to the skin and absorbs relatively quickly.

I have only had the products for a few weeks so I can’t do a real long term review (will do another one after I can use the products more), but I will say that my face felt amazingly soft after using this! I think my complexion looks brighter from use, but maybe I’ve just been happier about the sun finally coming out 🙂

A few quick notes about the packaging: It comes in a large bottle, so it will last quite a while. It also comes with a dropper so you can easily control how much product you dispense. I hate bottles that you have to pour because I inevitably pour too much and therefore waste product. I was really happy with this packaging.


Youth Express Eye Gel

I have dark circles under my eyes so eye cream is one of my favorite things to buy. I can’t even tell you how many I have tried, and unfortunately  still have not found one that really works. I guess this is to be expected since you can’t change your genes.

Anyway, this eye gel is nice. It comes in a large bottle, 50mL which is a ton for an eye cream!! I guess they give more product than your average eye cream because they recommend dabbing this under your eyes as well as on your forehead and cheeks. I used it that way but honestly didn’t see anything. Granted, I haven’t used it too much so maybe with time I will get better results. I do think this is a pretty soothing eye gel, so I will continue to use it when my eyes are puffy.


Advanced Repair Scar Gel

I have a big scar my my shoulder from where I got a birthmark removed. It’s a good 2 inches long. I have had it for about 10 years now so I know the likelihood of it disappearing after all this time is slim. I think scar gels and creams are best used as the injury is healing. There isn’t really a way to change a scar once it’s set.

This gel is lightweight and absorbs quickly, so I don’t worry about it getting on my shirt. I can’t tell yet if it’s fading my scar, but I wouldn’t expect results so quickly. My scare is over 10 years, so I would have to use this product for at least a few months to see any result. However, I like that this is a very easy to use gel and doesn’t leave any stickiness behind.

Overall, I thought the products were just ok. I will use what I have, but will not purchase.

Tomoson Review