How to Successfully Navigate a No-Buy

Like all beauty bloggers, I have a abundance of every product I could possibly need, plus back-ups. Every once in a while, I go through my collection and give the items that don’t work for me to my mom and sisters, but even with that, I still have an overflowing collection! In addition to getting PR products, I am a sucker for pretty packaging and gift with purchases, so I am frequently buying new things for myself. This fall, I have decided I am going on a no-buy and I wanted to share some tips on how I am going to make it a successful one.

  1. Avoid social media. I’ve always liked makeup, but I used to be very selective in what I purchased. I can pinpoint exactly when things changed-  when I started devouring beauty blogs and following 100s of beauty bloggers. Beauty bloggers are enablers! Avoiding social media, or at least the accounts that I know tempt me, is a good first step.
  2.  Unsubscribe from email lists. If you’re anything like me, when you receive emails about new releases, GWPs or discount codes, you immediately go to the site and fill your shopping cart. Of course, not every one ends up in a sale, but a large enough percent do which is why I try to the delete the emails as soon as they come in. An easy way to avoid this is just to unsubscribe from all the marketing email lists.
  3. Shop your stash. When you see a  new product, it’s easy to think you  need it. However, I’ve found if I take some time before making the purchase to look through my collection, more often then not I find either a great dupe, or realize I already have enough of that type of products. Not only that, but going through your stash often makes you rediscover new favorites, or things you have yet to try, so even though you’re not buying anything, you’re still getting new products to try.

Have you ever done a no or low-buy? Please tell me in the comments on tips for making it a successful one!