Honest Beauty (+ Free Trial)


The Honest Company is a family essentials company started by Jessica Alba. The brand is know for their eco-friendly, safe, and affordable diapers and home cleaning products. The company has been met with much enthusiasm for the baby products, as well as their social responsibility. For every product you buy, depending on which line it’s in (baby, feeding, cleaning, personal care),your purchase helps to fund an organization in that field.

Now, the Honest Company has expanded and formed Honest Beauty with makeup and skincare. The website just launched and they’re offering a free trial of 3 products! I just signed up for the balanced set- I’ll review it once it comes.

Proceeds from Honest Beauty purchases will go towards Girls Who Code, an organization that aims to get (and keep) more young girls in engineering. About 50% of students who earn bachelor’s degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are female, but only 24% of scientists and engineers are women. Being in the STEM field, I deal with this first-hand every day and would really like to see this changed. I have even given talks at high schools to try and encourage young girls to enter those STEM fields. Therefore, I am very happy to see a beauty company doing some part to change this problem.

Important Notes:

1. The products are free, but you have to pay a $5.95 shipping fee.

2. You must cancel your subscription within 7 days after receiving your trial, otherwise you will automatically be enrolled in the monthly $50 bundle.

Are you going to try this brand out?