Home Decor


I’ve been on a self imposed no makeup buy, which means I’ve been (window) shopping for other things. Right now, I’m really into crafting supplies and home decor. Craft-wise I really want to start making cards so I can send just because cards to my sisters, brother and parents, and I also want to make notebooks. I’ve seen great tutorials, and have attempted, but until I have the right supplies my notebooks are no where near perfect.

My husband and I recently bought a new bookshelf for our bedroom that I am using as a mini vanity to hold my perfumes and jewelry. I’m still searching for some pieces to spruce it up a bit and wanted to share my finds with you!

1. I think glass shadow boxes are so beautiful and add a little extra to ay space! I would use this for notes and cards my husband has given me the past 5 years.

2. Mirror boxes are perfect for jewelry storage and look great on an shelf. I was planning on making my own mirror box but it’s probably easier just to buy it!

3. Wire storage boxes seem to be quite popular right now and I’m loving this trend! Combined with a linen liner, it’s very French Countryside which is a style I adore. This would would look great holding throws or scarves.

4. Throws are my favorite thing- we have three on the couch right now and at least one more tucked away! We love wrapping ourselves up in a throw and settling in on the couch for a movie night. This one looks perfect for winter!

5.  I love candles and I love even more when the containers can be repurposed. This one looks like it can be used as a platnter once the candle is gone.

6. This is such a cute tray to place near the front door where the mail is dropped off!

7. I love notebooks, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned multiple times now. Kate Spade makes beautifully notebooks that would look great on a desk, bookshelf or of course in your hands! I love this polka dot one!

What are some of your favorite home decor items?