Happy Mail March 2015

At the beginning of the month, I told you about the amazing planner I bought from A Beautiful Mess. I still think the planner is the best one I have every owned, and it has made me love ABM more than I already did. Since I was so happy with the planner, I decided to sign up for their stationary subscription service- Happy Mail! Each month, Happy Mail delivers $50 worth of stationary designed by the girls at ABM- all for the low cost of $15. I love receiving letters and cards in the mail, so having a stash on hand means I will be more likely to send them to my friends and family!

I just received my first shipment, and am so excited to share it with you! Since they designed  all these just for the service, I can’t comment on the prices of the individual pieces. However, this month we received 13 items which puts them at a little more than $1 each which is a bargain!


Even the packaging was fun!

IMG_2128 IMG_2125  IMG_2127

There are cards for a variety of reasons which is great becasue you never know when you will need a home sweet home card,  motivational card, IOU, get better or a silly I love you card (on the back of the pug card it says “more than a pug loves popcorn”, on the back of the grumpy cat card it says “cheer up, buttercup”).  I also love how each card comes with an envelope so you don’t have to scramble to find the right size envelope.


I love foil lettering right now, so I love that they included a few with god foil lettering. They look so beautiful!

In addition to the cards, we got some other goodies- a shopping list which actually has sections for produce, meat, drinks etc. This is perfect for me because my list is never organized so I end up going in circles over and over again until I get everything. We also got some gift tags which come in fun neon colors, and stickers for labeling folders. I love organizational tools so these are great!


Lastly we got a fun motivational saying. I really like May Angelou and love how pretty this is- I will definitely be putting this on my desk!

Now that I have so many cards, and will only be getting more each month, does anyone want a penpal? 🙂

  • I am a huge fan of A Beautiful Mess, and I absolutely adore their products! Happy Mail is beautifully designed and seems like a great service; perhaps I will ask for a subscription for my birthday this summer 🙂 Thanks for sharing what was included this month – those cards are all so cute!

    • You should definitely try it- it’s such s great service. Plus the cost of each card is so reasonable compared to buying any other way!

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