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Without further ado, I bring you Hennie from Hennie posts on anything from beauty to fashion to food, and all the posts are super informative and full of beautiful photos. Her post here is proof that that! After reading, hop over to her page and follow her- you won’t regret it.


I’m so excited to be writing my first ever guest post for another blog, so thank you to beautifulbeakers for hosting me! My name is Hennie and I run!

So I’ve decided to share with you my favourite products by The Body Shop. For me, I love how the products are categorised into different ranges, depending on what you want from them. I have combination skin, and the products I’m sharing with you today are ones I have tried, tested and love! I’ve picked out four skin products that I love, so let’s get started!

First up is this cleanser. It’s the camomile silky cleansing oil, and it’s the first oil based cleanser I’ve used. The lady working in the shop at the time I bought this was so lovely, we chatted for ages! She suggested that using an oil based cleanser would be a gentle way of removing my make up, without stripping away any natural moisture from my skin. This product is absolutely gorgeous. I personally use micellar water first to remove my make up, but it does work to use this cleanser as removal as well! You massage it into dry skin, and then use warm water to rinse it away. I use this as my evening cleanser because it’s just so lovely and gentle to use!

So I didn’t actually mean to pick products from each part of my skin care routine, but this next product is the aloe calming toner. I have quite a few different toners, and when my skin is feeling particularly sensitive, I don’t use one at all. This one is said to be suitable for sensitive skin, and it is to an extent. I mean, I have really sensitive skin, so I do find even the most gentle of products harsh. This toner is one of my favourites because when I don’t have dry patches, it’s absolutely lovely! I love the scent of this, like the packaging says, it is very calming. It really does soothe the skin, it’s especially lovely after the above cleansing oil!

Readers of my blog will not be surprised to see this next product here. It’s the Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil. This is a B E U T I F U L product which features on my blog often! Firstly, the scent of this is just stunning, as is the packaging! It’s smells so soothing and gentle. I apply this every night and some mornings, I just love it! I’ve noticed such a difference since using this, it is so moisturising and has added a real glow to my skin! I actually follow this with the moisturiser from the same range, which is equally gorgeous!

The last product I want to share with you is a treatment. It’s the tea tree pore minimiser and I swear by this stuff! Honestly it works so well for me! I was apprehensive at first about using it as I thought the tea tree would make it too harsh. I mainly get visible pores on my nose area, and it doesn’t sting at all. If I begin to notice my pores are appearing bigger than normal, I will apply this at night. I’m not exaggerating when I say I can see a visible difference within a maximum of two nights! I then keep applying it for about another three nights after this, and they are practically not visible anymore! I don’t use it then again until I need to. This stuff is seriously amazing, I don’t think I will ever not have this in my drawer!

So, that’s my favourite products I’m currently using from The Body Shop. I absolutely love products from this brand! So affordable, yet work amazingly and have gorgeous packaging! It’s very rare that I will go into a store and not pick something up to buy!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve enjoyed writing a post for other readers to have a look at!

Thank you for reading!

  • I always think about purchasing the chamomile oil cleanser but I feel like I should run out of the ones I have first before I buy it!

    • I feel that same way!

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  • I bought both the Camomile cleanser and the Vitamin E serum-in-oil during the Black Friday sales, and I completely agree with you about both of them!

    • I haven’t tried any skincare products from the body shop, but the chamomile line is calling my name!

      • I bought the Camomile Cleansing Balm ages ago and didn’t use to like it much, but recently I’ve become a big fan. It’s the Camomile Cleansing Oil’s less messy cousin!

        • Sounds lovely! Will definitely need to try it!

  • Guest posts are so fun

    • Yes they are!